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Scholar Patrol

Scholar Patrol is an important part of road safety education and essential to enhancing the safety of our scholars at our school. Not only does it regulate traffic and facilitate safe crossing of the road but it also instills in the minds of our young pedestrians an awareness of the importance of road safety.

Why do we need scholar patrol?

  •  Each year, children travel to and from school almost 200 times.

  • Dangerous traffic congestion occurs around schools with so many parents dropping their children off in the morning and picking them up after school.

  • Traffic Authorities, school teachers and principals recognise that this congestion creates the most dangerous location on a child’s journey to and from school.

  • Scholar Patrol performs a very important and responsible public service by controlling traffic and safeguarding scholar pedestrians. Scholar patrollers guide fellow students and prevent them from entering traffic when it is unsafe.

Obligations on road users

To benefit from the Scholar Patrol and enhance the effectiveness thereof for road safety, road users (such as motorists) need to oblige with responsible behaviour.


  • Obey the rules of the road.

  • Do not stop and park across the red and yellow demarcated areas outside school gates.

  • Do not obstruct the scholars’ view of oncoming traffic, thereby endangering the lives of pedestrians.

  • When scholar patrol team members politely ask parents to move their vehicles and record the registration numbers (as they have been instructed), accept these directives!

  • Do not abuse the team members or teachers by shouting at them or making rude gestures.

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