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2023 Prefects


Selection of Prefects

Towards the end of each year the Grade 6 learner nominate fellow learners as possible prefects for the following year. 

A group of sixty plus nominated learners attends a Leadership Training Course.


At the end of the course, the selected learners and facilitators  vote. The original list of candidates is also presented to all the teachers so that they can vote.

The new prefects are selected after all these votes have been counted.

The selected prefects and four teachers then attend a weekend training course at a leadership camp. At this camp the prefects, teachers and facilitators vote for the head prefects. All the other teachers are also afforded an opportunity to cast their votes for the head prefects.

The new head prefects are then announced to the school at the Year End Prize Giving.

Prefects' Duties

Prefects man various duty points around the school to control and monitor the movement of learners.


Some prefects are allocated a foundation phase class. They monitor lines of that class during the year.


Other activities include organizing the Grade 2 Fun Day, the Grade 6 Fancy Dress and Valentine's Day and assisting at school functions.

They also participate in a number of community outreach activities.


Monitors' Duties
Our monitors serve the school in a number of different positions where they perform important duties. 


These include being the leaders Scholar Patrol groups, assisting in the Computer Room and Art Room. The Sound Monitors are also trained to handle the sound and lighting equipment that is used at school functions.


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