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1.   Parents are requested to make sure that their children attend school regularly and that learners are not absent from school for            trivial reasons.
2.    When the learner returns to school, the parents must write a letter, giving the reason for absence.  The letter is compulsory.  A    

        telephone call will not suffice.
3.    In the case of a learner becoming ill at school, he/she will be sent to the secretaries’ office.  The secretaries will take appropriate

        action and notify the parents.  Under NO CIRUMSTANCES may a learner decide to contact his/her parents and request to be

4.    Should a learner have to leave school early, a written request is required and the Class Educator will gain the Principal’s consent.         Learners are to report to the secretaries’ office when actually leaving the school.  Learners must be fetched from the secretaries’

        office and MAY NOT meet a lift at the gate or walk home.  Parents are urged NOT to make appointments during school hours.
5.    Punctuality at our school is essential.  Pupils must not be late for school in the mornings.  In exceptional cases, when a child

        arrives late for reasons beyond his control, the matter will be dealt with sympathetically.  Arriving a few minutes late on a

        regular basis is simply unacceptable.

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