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Our library is modern and well-equipped, with over 9200 books at present. Our borrowing system is fully computerised. This enables us to have access to many different statistics regarding the reading habits of our learners, such as which books are the most popular and who our top readers are.


Our Grade 1s and 2s enjoy coming to read in our library during breaks, while the older learners may borrow books against their names for a perod of two weeks. There is a happy, excited buzz in the library during breaks as learners from Grade 1 to 7 browse and read!


Our library's browser enables learners to find books/information they are looking for via the title, author, series or subject of a book.


New, exciting books are continuously being added to the collection. There is always lots of friendly rivalry between learners as they jostle to be first to get their hands on a new book! Our library is a happy, safe place of great enjoyment and there is always something for everyone.

Inside our library - working, reading, researching and taking out books!

Entrance to Library
Reading to Little Ones
Library Activities
At the magazine rack
Scanning books
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